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On the week beginning 20th February 2017 the product Zen and its derivatives were discontinued. Whilst we are sad to see it go, we have prepared a range of alternatives to help you and your clients thrive.

Michael and Antony have identified alternatives to the 200mg of Zen product by Allergy Research.

1. Stabilium® 200 (ARG)

2. Neuro-5HTP Plus™ (BRC)

3. Bio-3B-G® (BRC)

4. Casein Concentrate (BRC) (formerly, ‘De-Stress™’)

2 responses to “Alternatives to Zen”

  1. Alex Choat says:

    Why was it discontinued? What ingredient did the UK government object to ?

  2. Lee says:

    Hi Alex,

    This has been discontinued due to “GABA” as this is not permitted within the UK without a pharmaceutical license.

    Kind Regards,

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