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brand-bodybioWhy choose BodyBio?

Founded in 1995 by Dr Patricia Kane Ph.D, BodyBio and E-Lyte provide a mix of innovative specialist fatty acids and other nutrients, as well as a combination of blood test reports and fatty acid analysis.

The PK protocol developed by Dr Kane has provided patients all over the world with successful resolution or diminution of their symptoms. Her exceptional understanding of complex fatty acid chemistry provides clinicians with a unique opportunity to effect positive changes in complex patients.

The creation of their Phosphatidylcholine (PC) product composed of only pure phospholipids which automatically form liposomes in the watery environment of the body was a clinically significant development. Their PC supplement goes one important step further… it is also formulated with the essential lipids at a 4:1 ratio (omega-6: omega-3). Most PC currently available has an EFA ratio of ~12:1. BodyBio PC not only has a higher concentration of phospholipids, up to 66%, but also maintains EFA concentration at the preferred 4:1 ratio, exclusive to BodyBio.

BodyBio also blends the oils of organic sunflower and flax oils specifically to a ratio of 4:1  to produce the highly regarded & effective BodyBio Oil.

BodyBio Rate Chart (Download)

BodyBio Bulletin Liquid Minerals (Download)

BodyBio Products available at Nutri-Link:

Code Product Description Type Size
SP811 B Vitamins - High Dose x 240 Capsules Capsules 240
SP810 B Vitamins - High Dose x 90 Capsules Capsules 90
EC100 Balanced Electrolyte x 591ml Liquid 600ml
SP102 BodyBio Balance Oil x 180 Capsules Capsules 180
SP101 BodyBio Balance Oil x 300 Capsules Capsules 300
SP100 BodyBio Balance Oil x 473ml Liquid 473ml
SP600 BodyBio PC (1300 mg/cap) x 100 Capsules Capsules 100
SP650 BodyBio PC (1300 mg/cap) x 300 Capsules Capsules 300
SP500 BodyBio PC - 237ml (3000 mg/tsp) Liquid 237ml
SP550 BodyBio PC - 473ml (3000 mg/tsp) Liquid 473ml
SP320 Butyrate (600 mg) x 100 Capsules Capsules 100
SP325 Butyrate (600 mg) x 250 Capsules Capsules 250
SP310 Chlorella (300 mg) x 300 Tablets Tablets 300
SP335 Evening Primrose Oil (1300 mg) x 180 Capsules Capsules 180
SP330 Evening Primrose Oil (1300 mg) x 90 Capsules Capsules 90
SP395 Kirunal Triple Strength x 120 Soft Gels Capsules 120
LEETEST LEE TEST PRODUCT [Discontinued] Caplet 1
LM218 Liquid Mineral Set 1-8 60ml [Discontinued] Liquid 60ml
LM401 Liquid Mineral 1 Potassium 120ml Liquid 120ml
LM201 Liquid Mineral 1 Potassium 60ml Liquid 60ml
LM402 Liquid Mineral 2 Zinc 120ml Liquid 120ml
LM202 Liquid Mineral 2 Zinc 60ml Liquid 60ml
LM403 Liquid Mineral 3 Magnesium 120ml Liquid 120ml
LM203 Liquid Mineral 3 Magnesium 60ml Liquid 60ml
LM404 Liquid Mineral 4 Copper 120ml Liquid 120ml
LM204 Liquid Mineral 4 Copper 60ml Liquid 60ml
LM405 Liquid Mineral 5 Chromium 120ml Liquid 120ml
LM205 Liquid Mineral 5 Chromium 60ml Liquid 60ml
LM406 Liquid Mineral 6 Manganese 120ml Liquid 120ml
LM206 Liquid Mineral 6 Manganese 60ml Liquid 60ml
LM407 Liquid Mineral 7 Molybdenum 120ml Liquid 120ml
LM207 Liquid Mineral 7 Molybdenum 60ml Liquid 60ml
LM408 Liquid Mineral 8 Selenium 120ml Liquid 120ml
LM208 Liquid Mineral 8 Selenium 60ml Liquid 60ml
LM409 Liquid Mineral 9 Iodine 120ml Liquid 120ml
LM209 Liquid Mineral 9 Iodine 60ml Liquid 60ml
LM800 Liquid Minerals Premix 1-7, No Copper Liquid 236ml
LM900 Taste Test Kit (Filled) (1-9) Kit 1
LM200 Taste Test Kit 1-9 Filled + Set 1-9 60ml Liquid Mineral Liquid 60ml
SP800 Viobin Prometol x 100 Capsules Soft Gel 100
VT100 Visual Contrast Test Kit 1
SP340 Vitamin 'C' Crystals x 180g Powder 180g
SP345 Vitamin 'C' Crystals x 454g [Discontinued] Powder 454g
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