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HDC Diagnostics


HDC Diagnostics has been designing and manufacturing safe, affordable diagnostic tools for over twenty years. Our Gastro-Test and Entero-Test string-tests are designed to maximise patient comfort, ease of use, and clinical accuracy. Read the explanation sheet to learn more, or watch a short presentation explaining how to use it.

These Food and Drug Administration(FDA) approved tests are used for the collection of clinically relevant data from human and animal subjects.

The gastro test looks to identify functional pH levels in the stomach. Further information can be obtained from this Gatro Test summary sheet.

The entero test is designed to facilitate collection of secretory data from the duodenum. A number 00 gelatine capsule containing a 90-cm line for children, or a 140-cm line for adults, composed of a 20-cm silicon rubber-covered thread and a 70-cm or 120-cm soft nylon yarn, is swallowed by the patient while the thread, which protrudes from a hole in the capsule, is held firmly. To the end of the nylon yarn is attached a 1-g weight, which eventually helps carry the string into the duodenum. The free end of the line is taped to the patient’s neck or cheek, and after 4 hours may be pulled up. The bile-stained mucus adhering to its distal end is examined under the microscope. The weight becomes disengaged in the intestine at the time the thread is withdrawn.1


  1. Guiney WJ, Beaumont C, Thomas SR. Use of the entero-test, a novel approach for the noninvasive capture of biliary metabolites in dogs. Drug Metab Dispos. 2010 May;38(5):851-6. Epub 2010 Jan 28. View Abstract

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