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clinicaleducation.orgNutri-Link considers the post graduate education of Nutritionally oriented practitioners to be the cornerstone of our companies strategy. For over 25 years the founders have been attending and providing post graduate education across a wide range of disciplines and greatly value the chance for interaction with colleagues as well as keeping up to date with changing opinions and science.

If practitioners would read two articles per day out of the six million medical articles published annually. In one year, they would fall 82 centuries behind in their reading.

Miser WF, Critical appraisal of the Literature, J Am Board Fam Pract, 12(4): 315-333, 1999

The rapidly evolving range of publications that touch on, or are directly involved with health and nutrition make for a difficult job in terms of keeping up to date. Clinical Education is a site for health care professionals seeking to keep up their CPD credits either from home attendance or actual attendance of post graduate seminars and conferences, as well as a collection of reviews, abstracts and news relevant to clinical practice. In addition the site has podcasts, videos, useful links, and newsletters.

Check www.clinicaleducation.org regularly as updates are posted on a weekly basis.

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