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Gut Healing Programme

The brand new 5-week Gut Healing Programme from Nutri Link is an intensive functional approach to restoring overall gut health, probiotic diversity and gut healing specifically designed to support patients with ongoing gut related issues.

Many clients struggle with ongoing digestive symptoms for years with no resolution yet the latest research is revealing how vital a healthy gut is for overall health and wellbeing. With research now revealing how the state of our gut bacteria can be important in healthy weight loss, improving our mood, brain function, immunity, detoxification and skin health there are many reasons to incorporate a gut healing programme with clients.  In addition the latest research is now revealing the importance of a diverse gut flora for long term health.

The Gut Healing programme will embrace five key stages to give your gut a makeover and improve long term diversity. Based on functional nutrition principles the programme will enable you to remove the triggers and support healing to your gut and ultimately your whole body.

Complete with supplements, A copy of the The Gut Health Diet Recipe Book, meal plans, supporting cookery videos through a closed facebook group and dietary support the programme is a clear, practical programme designed to improve gut function, bacterial diversity and long term gut health.

Includes all supplements, instructions, webinars and a copy of Christine’s The Gut Health Diet with over 70 recipes, meal planner and top tips.

The collection of bacteria living in and on our body known as the ‘microbiome’ consists of about 100 trillion bacterial cells, the highest concentration of which is in your gut.  The diversity and number of these bacteria is influenced by our diet, genetics and lifestyle Unfortunately many people have a depleted microbiome because of a poor diet that’s high in sugar, refined carbohydrate grains, processed foods and artificial sweeteners or antibiotics.

The Gut Healing programme will include five key stages to give your gut a makeover. Based on functional nutrition principles the programme will enables you to remove the triggers and support healing to your gut and ultimately your whole body.

Complete with supplements and dietary support the programme is a clear, effective programme designed to improve your gut function, probiotic diversity and keep gut flora happy.

Nutri Links programme not only incorporates the 5R approach but also utilises targeted nutritional, digestive enzyme and probiotic formulas, which, in addition to the diet plan and recipes can support the normalisation of healthy gut function

Based on the latest research and functional medicine principles this programme will allow you to have all the tools to turn your patients’ gut health around and get their digestive system functioning optimally.

STARTING Monday 5th June introductory webinar on FRIDAY 2nd June

A 5-week programme to transform your gut health, restore a diverse gut flora and get your gut back to optimal health.

FRIDAY 2nd June Webinar One – Introduction to the Gut Healing Programme – getting prepared for the plan, overview of the meal plan and supplements, 5 R approach plus overview of digestive system and what can go wrong

MONDAY 5th JUNE Webinar Two – REMOVE – the low FODMAP approach.

FRIDAY 9th JUNE Webinar Three – REMOVE & REPLENISH – Remove triggers – role of stool testing, food reactions and sensitivities, replenish using food and dietary changes.

MONDAY 12th JUNE Webinar Four– REPOPULATE – The importance of bacterial diversity and how to achieve this through dietary changes, importance of a diverse flora. During this week we will also include short videos demonstrating how to make your own fermented foods

MONDAY 19th JUNE Webinar Five– REPAIR – The role of the Gut Lining – role and function, intestinal permeability, testing and how to repair the gut with diet, supplements and lifestyle strategies.

MONDAY 26th JUNE Webinar Six– REBALANCE – the Role of Lifestyle – stress, exercise, sleep on gut health, implementing key strategies for life to restore gut health for good

MONDAY 10th JULY Webinar Seven – REVIEW of the programme, summary of the programme, how to personalise the approach for your clients, moving forward with your clients, additional tests, factors to consider

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