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Product Webinars


Upcoming Webinars for 2018! 

Date: Wednesday 16th May
Time: 12pm BST
Topic: “Hashimoto’s, the most common auto-immune condition”
Presenter: Antony Haynes

For over 100 years, Hashimoto’s has been the name for the auto-immune condition also known as thyroiditis. It is one of, if not the, most common auto-immune conditions. What’s more, if you have it you are more likely to have another auto-immune condition, and if you don’t have Hashimoto’s but have another auto-immune condition you are more likely to get Hashimoto’s.

  • Learn  the signs and symptoms of Hashimoto’s
  • Learn the estimated prevalence of Hashimoto’s
  • Learn the contributory factors for developing Hashimoto’s
  • Learn which tests diagnose the condition
  • Learn what role selenium plays in the condition
  • Learn about what nutritional intervention can help ameliorate Hashimoto’s and reduce the antibody count
  • Learn what nutritional supplements to consider


Date: Wednesday 20th June
Time: 12pm BST
Topic: Allergies & Hayfever
Presenter: Antony Haynes

Allergies, including hayfever, have been increasing year on year.. There are many natural interventions for addressing allergies, without the side effects of antihistamines, steroids or other pharmaceutical treatments.

  • Learn the prevalence of allergies and reasons why they are increasing.
  • Learn the immune system mechanisms that lead to allergy.
  • Learn the relevance of Th1 and Th2 and Treg immune responses.
  • Learn the relationship between mucosal immunity and allergy.
  • Learn how to improve immune and oral tolerance to antigens.
  • Learn effective nutritional tools to use to reduce the expression of some common allergies as well as how to reduce the incidence.


Date: Thursday 12th July
Time: 12pm BST
Topic: Chronic Fatigue Conditions
Presenter: Antony Haynes

Energy is one of the most important factors that determines quality of life, all fatigue condition diminish quality of life and happiness. Chronic Fatigue conditions have never been so prevalent. This encompasses the formal Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) but includes all other fatigue conditions which do not fulfil the criteria for CFS. All fatigue conditions affect or are influenced by mitochondrial function. Rather than “learning to live with it”, in the vast majority of cases, it is possible to do something to improve energy with targeted nutritional therapy.

  • Learn the nature of fatigue conditions.
  • Learn the prevalence of fatigue conditions.
  • Learn the mitochondrial connection with fatigue.
  • Learn the underlying causes of fatigue and what can lead to reduced mitochondrial production of ATP.
  • Learn what tests may be appropriate to assess an individual with fatigue.
  • Learn what targeted nutritional therapy may be effective at improving energy.

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