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Upcoming Webinars for 2020

Wednesday 12th February – “Sports Nutrition – the key principles that make the difference” 12pm noon

“Sports Nutrition – the key principles that make the difference”

Join Antony Haynes RNT as he presents a webinar on “Sports Nutrition – the key principles that make the difference”. The webinar will review the multiple recommendations that have been made to athletes under the heading of ‘sports nutrition’ but he will separate the wheat from the chaff. Antony will identify the key principles of sports nutrition that make the difference in terms of performance and overall well-being, including immunity and injury prevention. Antony will present the research on how much protein is needed by anyone taking regular exercise to the professional athlete in full time training. The most suitable macro nutrient ratios will also be discussed. Antony will also highlight which micro-nutrients are of importance, and whether antioxidants are a good thing for those of us who exercise regularly.

  • Learn about the most relevant and important principles of sports nutrition.
  • Learn about how to support immunity whilst undertaking regular, hard training.
  • Learn about how much protein is needed when undertaking different types of exercise.
  • Learn about an ideal macro-nutrient ratio to help achieve your own peak performance.
  • Learn which micro-nutrients are of utmost importance.
  • Learn about the pros and cons of antioxidants and when to take them if you engage in regular exercise.
  • Learn which nutritional supplements can boost sport performance
  • Learn how much food you really need to eat to gain maximum muscle development from resistance exercise.


Wednesday 11th March 2020 – “Female Infertility”  12pm noon

Join Antony Haynes RNT as he presents a webinar on “Female Infertility”. (The April 2020 webinar will focus on Male Infertility). It is estimated that infertility affects 1 in 7 couples in the UK, 10% of women in the USA and up to 25% of couples in the developing world. Antony will present the multiple factors associated or causing female infertility, identifying which can be modulated by nutritional input or manipulation. Antony will briefly describe the known medical causes of female infertility. However, the focus of this webinar will be on the medically unexplained causes of infertility which may be considerably more connected to nutritional & mucosal immune status which are not typically recognised. Antony will summarise the research on which key vitamins and minerals are most likely to be related to infertility and how to correct this.

  • Learn how common infertility is, and how much is related to issues in the female vs. male.
  • Learn about the conventional explanations for infertility in women.
  • Learn about the not-so-conventional explanations for the “unexplained” infertility which occurs in at least 30% of cases.
  • Learn which nutritional factors & nutrients are most relevant in infertility.
  • Learn about the relevance of mucosal immunity to fertility.
  • Learn about why 1 in 4 pregnancies end in loss or pre-term birth.

Learn which nutritional supplements are likely to be most helpful pre-conceptually and during pregnancy.

Pre-Recorded Webinars

Probiotics Webinar Recording by Antony Haynes

At the start of the 20th He and Paul Ehrlich were jointly awarded the 1908 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine “in recognition of their work on immunity”.

Since that time there have been 24,058 (as at April 1 2019) papers on the subject with only 17 of those appearing before 1990, listed in PubMed with the word “probiotics” in them, plus many papers published outside of this library. The vast majority have been published since the turn of the Millennium, equivalent to over 1,000 papers published each year on the subject of probiotics for the past 18 years.

The purpose of this webinar is ambitious. It is to provide an up to date summary overview of the understanding of probiotics in human health and what benefits have been attributed to specific strains of oral probiotics. Reference will be made to real-life cases in which probiotics have made a positive difference in health.

  • Learn about the summary history of probiotics in human health.
  • Learn about the description & function of probiotics
  • Learn, in brief, about Microbial Faecal Transplant (MCT)
  • Learn about the potential role of probiotics in IBD & IBS, inflammation, skin health
  • Learn about the potential role of probiotics in brain & nervous system health
  • Learn about the specific strains available in oral form and their specific functions

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