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Upcoming Webinars for 2019

Acid Reflux (GORD) & Stomach Health – Wednesday 13th November – 12pm

Join Antony Haynes [BA (Hons), RNT, mBANT, mIFM] as he presents a webinar on “Acid Reflux (GORD) & Stomach Health”. The webinar will focus on the preventable causes and natural means of resolving reflux conditions, referred to as GORD (Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux Disease). Antony will briefly explore the epidemiology of GORD and the connection with hiatal hernia. He will explain the contributory factors for the condition introducing those which are generally not understood nor appreciated. He will highlight the role of food reactivity in reflux conditions. He will distinguish between acid reflux and bile reflux and the different approaches to resolving the two different types. Antony will describe nutritional means to support the palliation and healing of gastritis.

Antony will describe the prevalence of prescribed proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) and outline documented side effects of longer-term use.

Learn about the prevalence of reflux in the general population;

  • The difference between acid reflux and bile reflux;
  • The connection between GORD and hiatal hernia;
  • The side effects of the use of proton pump inhibitor drugs;
  • The contributory factors of reflux conditions including food; reactivity, and which specific foods are most likely to be triggers for reflux;
  • How to resolve reflux with nutritional means;
  • How to palliate & resolve gastritis.

EBV, HHV-6 & Other Viruses – Wednesday 11th December – 12pm

Join Antony Haynes [BA (Hons), RNT, mBANT, mIFM] as he presents a webinar on “EBV, HHV-6 & other viruses”. The webinar will review the extent of viral infections in the general population, and their role in health conditions, specifically with regard to the signs and symptoms of an infection and secondly as a contributory factor to a range of other conditions not associated with the typical signs and symptoms of the viral infection itself. In this latter group of conditions and diseases such as auto-immune diseases, cancers and chronic fatigue conditions, viral infections almost always remain ‘hidden’. By examining these unappreciated contributory factors, it is proposed that individuals with auto-immunity and fatigue conditions can be better supported.

Antony will explore the available testing for viruses. He will provide suggestions for nutritional therapy intervention to support people with viral infections.

  • Learn about the incidence of viral infections in the general population;
  • The signs and symptoms that reflect specific viral infections;
  • The potential role that viruses play in a wide array of auto-immune diseases, some cancers, and fatigue conditions.
  • Reliable lab testing for viruses.
  • How to manage viruses with nutritional, non-pharmacological means.
  • How to support immunity vs viral infections.

Pre-Recorded Webinars

Probiotics Webinar Recording by Antony Haynes

At the start of the 20th He and Paul Ehrlich were jointly awarded the 1908 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine “in recognition of their work on immunity”.

Since that time there have been 24,058 (as at April 1 2019) papers on the subject with only 17 of those appearing before 1990, listed in PubMed with the word “probiotics” in them, plus many papers published outside of this library. The vast majority have been published since the turn of the Millennium, equivalent to over 1,000 papers published each year on the subject of probiotics for the past 18 years.

The purpose of this webinar is ambitious. It is to provide an up to date summary overview of the understanding of probiotics in human health and what benefits have been attributed to specific strains of oral probiotics. Reference will be made to real-life cases in which probiotics have made a positive difference in health.

  • Learn about the summary history of probiotics in human health.
  • Learn about the description & function of probiotics
  • Learn, in brief, about Microbial Faecal Transplant (MCT)
  • Learn about the potential role of probiotics in IBD & IBS, inflammation, skin health
  • Learn about the potential role of probiotics in brain & nervous system health
  • Learn about the specific strains available in oral form and their specific functions

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