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Upcoming Webinars for 2018! 

Date: Wednesday 14th Feburary 2018
Time: 12pm
Topic: Sub-Clinical Hypothyroidism
Presenter: Antony Haynes

Less than optimal thyroid hormone function is something practitioners have been identifying for decades. It would appear that the incidence of sub-clinical hypothyroidism is not reducing and it may present itself in your clinic on a daily basis either on an overt or a covert level.

  • Learn about the signs and symptoms of sub-clinical hypothyroidism.
  • Learn about the estimated prevalence of sub-clinical hypothyroidism.
  • Learn about the contributory factors for sub-clinical hypothyroidism.
  • Learn which tests can be helpful to determine a need for support.
  • Learn about the key nutrients necessary for thyroid hormone production and function and hormonal conversion.
  • Learn about effective supplements to support thyroid hormone function.
  • Receive a Thyroid Symptom Checker Form.

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Date: Wednesday 14th March 2018
Time: 12pm
Topic: Fatty Liver – Case History Reviews
Presenter: Antony Haynes

This webinar is a follow up to the December 2017 webinar on the subject of NAFLD, and the focus will be on case histories of patients who have successfully reduced or reversed their fatty liver. In this way, the webinar will describe the course of action taken by patients in terms of food, supplements and exercise.

The changes in their programmes will be discussed, and the reasoning for those changes. Individual supplements and their effect and role will be discussed too.

  • Learn what specific diet and supplements have been effective in real cases to reduce or reverse fatty liver disease.
  • Learn about the potential effects of individual supplements.
  • Learn about how long it may take to achieve a positive outcome.
  • Learn about the potential role of food sensitivity in fatty liver.
  • Learn more about blood test markers for NAFLD.
  • You do not have to have attended or listened to the first Fatty Liver Webinar in order to benefit from this webinar.

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Date: Wednesday 18th April 2018
Time: 12pm
Topic: Multiple Ways to Heal The Gut
Presenter: Antony Haynes

This webinar will review the many different nutritional ways by which one can heal a compromised gut lining. Antony will review the various different tests for assessing intestinal permeability including the urine tests of lactulose : mannitol & the PEG test, and the blood tests for zonulin antibodies and for antibodies to actomyosin, occludin and zonulin, and to LPS.

Antony will present effective means by which to support a patient’s gut lining healing both in terms of food and supplements. He will share with you the decision-making processes that lead to choosing one supplement over another.


  • Learn about the summary role that altered intestinal permeability can play in human health.
  • Learn about the most common lab tests to assess I.P. status.
  • Learn about the role and use of probiotics.
  • Learn about the role of colostrum.
  • Learn about the role of digestive enzymes.
  • Learn about the role of HCl acid and other digestive aids.
  • Learn about the role of phospholipids.
  • Learn about the role of glutamine & amino acids.
  • Learn about the role of zinc and vitamins A & D.
  • Learn about the role of fatty acids.
  • Learn about the role of short chain fatty acids.
  • Learn about the role of Epithelial Growth Factor.
  • Learn about the role of natural anti-inflammatory agents such as extract of turmeric.
  • Learn about effective combinations of supplements to offer optimal healing for the gut.

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