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Brain Boost Programme 2021

Brain Boost Programme 2021



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Keep your brain young and boost mood with our 28 day programme with Christine Bailey. This programme is based on the latest research into maintaining brain health, boosting mood and keeping the mind sharp. It is a functional nutrition approach to support your client long term.

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Keep your brain young and boost mood with our 28-day programme.

Our mood, our memory and our ability to think clearly are all very much dependent on the functioning of our brain cells and the production of brain chemicals. A decline in mental ability, mood or capacity for learning is not inevitable as we age, however, our brain can actually thrive at any age through specific dietary choices and lifestyle habits.

This brain boost programme takes a functional nutrition approach to restoring and optimising brain health and brain function. By taking a personalised approach, addressing potential imbalances to help restore function and support optimal brain health throughout our lifespan.

What makes this programme unique is that it looks at the underlying factors contributing to poor brain health and addresses them through dietary and lifestyle intervention.

Priced at £190 this programme is great value for money and includes the following:

  • 28 day supply of supplements
  • Brain Boost Diet Book
  • 7 informative webinars with live Q&As
  • 28-day meal plan
  • Supporting documents
  • Closed Facebook support group
  • Advice and Support from Christine Bailey

Webinar dates & topics (running 12pm – 1pm) :

Monday 1st - Cleanse – toxins, infections, food allergies, sugar imbalances, role of fasting, a look at some genetic polymorphisms affecting detox.

Friday 5th - Renew – brain – gut axis – role of probiotics and gut health, blood brain barrier support. (Antony Haynes)

Monday 8th - Protect – inflammation and oxidative stress, improving circulation and the use of Phytochemicals for brain health. 

Friday 12th - Addressing Depression & Anxiety – key nutrients, genetic considerations.  

Monday 15th - Cognitive Decline, role of key nutrients, hormone decline and genetic variations.  

Friday 19th - Revitalise - An integrative approach to improving attention, focus and overall brain performance (to include stress and sleep support).

Friday 26th –  Review of the programme


Supporting Supplements:

Cognitive Enhancer


Homocysteine Plus


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