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Powdered Products

Capsules or tablets are not suitable for some people, they require a liquid or powdered form of supplementation. Nutri-Link has many powdered products to fulfil one or more of these nutritional needs:

  1. Make a supplement more palatable than an encapsulated one
  2. Provide a wide array of nutrients that would be too numerous in capsule form
  3. For delivery of a greater dose of the product than is achievable with capsules or tablets
  4. Provide protein in sufficient dosing for optimal daily intake

Some powdered combination products are too complex to make available in capsule form and are ideally suited to powder. Examples of these products are: Dr. Wilson’s Dynamite Adrenal, Allergy Research’s Fast & Be Clear, Biotics Research’s Nutri-Clear products and Allergy Research’s Steady On, Take Heart, Wholly Immune.These products require adding to water or juice to taste.