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Shelter Box

Posted on 15 August 2011 by in News

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We – just as you are, are only too well aware of the fragility of global political and emergency events these days. For a number of years we have been purchasing a full Shelter Box whenever there is a significant event in which thousands of people suffer loss of homes and start to feel isolated and hungry. The company feels that immediate assistance is what is required and shelterbox deliver their remarkably efficient kits very fast, getting people undershelter, protected from the worst of the elements and able to prepare food. Our latest box has gone To Kenya, we hope it helps and wish that it would be the last needed. However, we know that is unlikely and are fully prepared to support Shelter Box again when the need arises.

Chile Disaster Support

Posted on 01 March 2010 by in News

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On Saturday the 27th February a massive earthquake hit Chile resulting in substantial damage and loss of life. Natural disasters have an immediate impact on the lives of the people involved and Shelterbox, based in Cornwall have already responded by sending a team with their famous boxes to provide immediate assistance to the people whose lives and homes have been so dramatically changed.

Nutri-Link has again purchased additional Shelterbox’s each of which will provide immediate support for 10 people, meeting their short term needs and reducing risk of secondary loss of life.

As a health care company we consider it our responsibility to assist where possible, people who through no fault of their own, experience dramatic and life altering events. Shelter box is an international charity geared up for immediate action. Supported by Rotarian’s around the world, they have developed an international reputation for getting to the sites of disaster fast and delivering effective immediate and practical solutions. The boxes contents are carefully selected to meet the actual needs of the people affected and contain items designed to withstand rigorous use for many years if required.

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