‘Nostalgia’ is a Problem

Looking back to a different time, a better time, is a common occurrence. It’s very likely that you have engaged in reflective thoughts and…

Pathogens and Humanity – what next?

For centuries humans have experienced a shortening of their life’s potential due to infection and trauma – in most cases the end being brutal…

Agnotology – Are you Confused?

Agnotology (the study of deliberate spreading of confusion) Throughout the pandemic, it has been saddening how science has been hijacked. Arguments around herd immunity…

Covid, Acute, Long, Women and Work

As the roll out of vaccination and the staged end of lockdown appear to be coalescing into a shift in planning and return to…

Long COVID-19

As we progress towards a staged release of constraint on movement, interaction and social engagement, there are quite naturally discussions about the potential impact…

Vaccine Preparedness

On the 9th November 2020 promising results from a vaccine candidate against Covid-19 were announced by Pfizer and its partner, the German company, BioNTech.…