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Tag Archive: Lifestyle

Anti-aging Diets – do they work?

Posted on 24 November 2021 by in News

Reading Time: 5 minutes

A proposed test to measure inflammation, from which an ‘inflammatory age’ may be determined has recently become available. The test involves the drawing of a blood sample and then assessing the levels of various markers of inflammation using artificial intelligence. This is then used to determine whether someone is at risk of developing age-related disorders such as cardiovascular and neurodegenerative disease. The clock measures ‘biological age’, which takes health into consideration and can be higher or lower than a person’s chronological age[1]. The researchers who developed iAge hope that, because inflammation is treatable, the tool could help doctors determine who would benefit from intervention — potentially extending the number of years a person lives in good health. Read the rest of this entry »

Lifestyle medicine analysed – Poorly

Posted on 06 May 2021 by in News

Reading Time: 6 minutes

An article in the British Journal of General Practice published online, on the 29th April 2021, sets out a mixture of support, disdain and implied ineffectiveness of the role that lifestyle medicine[1] has in the restoration and generation of human health. The direct journal response online allows only for 350 words. A fuller response is found below.

Response to:  Exemplary medical care or Trojan horse? An analysis of the ‘lifestyle medicine’ movement. Read the rest of this entry »

Late-Onset Dementia: a Mosaic of Prototypical Pathologies Modifiable by Diet and Lifestyle

Posted on 14 October 2015 by in News

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Across the world there are chronic diseases affecting the lives of many, most of which are preventable or modifiable by appropriate lifestyle changes. Yet currently politicians are unwilling to legislate change, to force behaviours that in turn diminish the costs to the individual and to society. Read the rest of this entry »

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